1. The well laid out hard courts for volleyball and basketball, provide the right locale for the practice of volleyball and basketball.

2. As both the games initiate and further, strong teamwork and group dynamics, the practice of these games is almost mandatory for children of prescribed age groups, with specifications of height and stamina.


1. Recreation at the end of a tiring day rejuvenates lost energies and perks-up the mind for greater focus and concentration.

2. Children need recreation at regular intervals, to break the routine of classroom schedules.

3. The recreation park is equipped with see-saw, monkey bar, swings merry-go-rounds and lots more interesting and innovative things.


1. If life is a mystery, the toddler's mind is full of thoughts to unravel that mystery.

2. Catering to the child's unique for the unknown BMCS has arranged an amazing play den for the toddlers.

3. It has all the paraphernalia to catalyze the child's imagination towards greater heights of creativity.

With a large collection of inflatable toys, model animals and musical floor mats, a play den is an attractive place for the children to have a field day.


1. Cricket is a sport that entices adults and children equally.

2. The strong desire of students to play cricket is satiated by excellent facilities provided on the campus.

3. Cricket coaching camps are held every summer, and students are made to perfect their cricketing skills.

4. Cricket practice at the nets is supervised by seasoned cricket coaches. Cricket pitch on the school premises is specially prepared for holding cricket tournaments, and inter-school cricket matches.