Warm Greetings!

Present day education develops the intellect and skills but does little to develop good qualities. Of what avail is all the knowledge in the world, if one has not a good character? It is like water going down the drain! Education should serve not only to develop one’s intelligence and skills but also help to broaden one's outlook and make him useful to society and the world at large.

At Blooming Minds, we focus on the overall development of the child. The promotion of human values is an integral part of our curriculum. “Bend the twig and shape the tree”, says the proverb. The molding of character at century starts with the children at the earliest age. Blooming Minds is dedicated to foster student’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development in order to prepare them for life in a rapidly changing world.

At Blooming Minds, we aim to challenge and supporting all the students to enable them to develop their talents and potentials and hone their skills thereby realizing their dreams. Each individual is respected and recognized irrespective of their race, gender, culture or faith. Moreover, our mission is to enable each child to complete their schooling with enormous enthusiasm, unfailing confidence and high self-esteem and a readiness to meet new challenges. We recognize that learning comprises acquiring knowledge, assimilating ideas, perfecting skills, developing healthy attitudes and imbibing values.

With Best Wishes.

Mr. P. Ashok Reddy